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Senior Year......Again.....

I don't know how everyone else feels, but I swear summer never happened! I mean, all we did was work and watch netflix, but still ha. One day we will actually have an adventurous summer and have the time to go and have fun. But the semester is finally here and the struggle has begun. I've been thinking a lot about freshman year and how so much has changed in the 3 years since I have started at Utah State.  The butterflies and the anxiety is still there and probably always will be, but this semester has a whole new level of anxiety. This semester I have to: 1. apply for student teaching, 2. finish my minor, 3. handle a busy class schedule, 4. Take the praxis (which is a 4 hour test). Plus I started a new job and decided to sign up for another half marathon, so that only makes things better.

It's crazy to think that I'm almost done with college and honestly that makes me sad. There are so many amazing memories, people, and experiences woven through my time at USU and the…

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