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Forever An Aggie


My heart hurts a little bit as I write this post. The day that I never thought would come is finally here and I'm not sure how to be feeling right now. I'm graduating in 7 days with a bachelors in English Education and in 7 days, I'm going to be leaving the little safe bubble that college has become for me.  Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled that I never have to take another math class or English final again, but it's the feeling of college that I'm going to miss the most. The feeling of belonging, of unity, and endless possibilities that Utah State has given me these past 5 years. There is this amazing magic that comes along with being an Aggie that I can't begin to describe. It's a place where I finally discovered who I was and made me feel like I belonged for the first time in possibly ever. It's a place where I found my lifetime friends and met professors who actually believed in my ability to be a go…

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