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A little thing called Wifi...

Who knew how far behind you could get in four months when you don't have wifi... that's right, you heard me. Brad and I moved into our brand-spanking-new townhouse 2 days after we got back after our honeymoon and almost exactly 4 months later, we FINALLY got wifi. Can I get an Amen anyone?? You don't realize how much you use wifi until you don't have it and have to use the McDonalds up the street to register for classes and check your email.
But we're finally back and so is our Netflix, so there is a lot to be grateful for. A lot has changed since I wrote last, so I'm hoping this blog will give me a kick in the pants and I can get better at recording all the exciting things that are happening in our lives. I gave up writing in a journal a long time ago mainly because it took forever and I would write the bare minimum just for the sake of saying that I wrote. But this is going to be different and I'm excited to share what's going on in the Phister's …

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