As Claire Would Say, " Be Your Own Bae"

The time has come again where everyone declares their undying love for their other half and those who have yet to find that second half are left to gorge on the mass of Valentines Day chocolate that they have purchased in advance. I fall into the second category, but decided that this year was going to be different, all based on what my good friend Claire said.

" Be your own Bae" 

Forget about all the lovely doveyness that is flying through the air and forget about being miserable because you aren't apart of it. Instead, focus on the ones that you already have around you and most importantly, focus on yourself. Because how can you love someone else if you don't love yourself?  I admit, I am guilty of feeling sorry for myself and giving every couple that walks by me a death glare. So that's why this weekend was crucial in changing my not so very loving attitude. 

Shaydra and I had decided to make a spontaneous trip to Salt Lake City for the day to get out of Logan and just have some girl time. We spent most of the afternoon walking around City Creek then headed over to the temple to take some pictures. We were sitting in front of the reflection pool when I suddenly noticed that Al Fox and her adorable little family were on a walk around the grounds. I started to punch shay's arm and mutter " It's Al Fox! It's Al Fox!". Shays head whipped around and she immediately upped and went to ask for a picture. We both got a couple of pictures with her before they were on their way again and we were left to have a bit of a fan girl moment. After reading her blog and seeing all of her instagram posts, it's cool to see such an iconic figure of my faith in person. We ended the night with dinner and a stop in Ogden for some ice cream at the famous Farr's ice cream store. Nothing very active or complicated, but nice just the same. 

Saturday was the day of Valentines and we decided to take another road trip up the canyon up to Bear Lake. I had never been before and apparently this was a crime, so we jumped in the car and headed bright and early. We headed for the nearest little diner and treated ourselves to a raspberry milkshake for breakfast. I'll admit, it truly was all that it was hyped up to be. We were even pouring raspberry jam straight onto our spoons. That stuff is straight up crack, it's so addicting. Then we headed to the beach where we attempted to skip rocks. It truly was a beautiful morning and it felt good to be laughing with some of my favorite girls. The rest of the day consisted of sleeping, running, chick-fil-a, more sleeping, Dear John, cookie dough, and running up old main in the dead of night. Probably one of the most random Valentine's I've ever had, but also one of my absolute favorites as well.

It may have not been a day covered in roses and giant teddy bears, but I don't care. It was a day for me to get out of my head and spend it with the people that matter the most to me.  That perfect someone will come someday, but until then I'll be my own Bae and that's just fine with me :)



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