The Beginning to Our Forever

I'm still in proposal shock over here and I keep looking at my finger, expecting it not to be there and I wake up from the best dream ever. But my dream ring is still on my finger and I'm still engaged to my dream guy. Everyone was right when they said the right guy will come along and I'm so happy that I waited, because Brad is truly everything I've ever wanted and more! I can't wait to marry him in 113 days, but who's counting right? ;)

Brad  had me completely in the dark this whole time and the surprises kept coming. I knew he had had the ring for quite some time and it was driving me absolutely crazy. I was probably driving him even more crazy because of all the times I asked him when he was going to propose, so eventually he threatened to push the date back even further. I stopped after that, but it was still killing me on the inside. I really try to be, but I'm terrible with surprises and being patient and I'm sure I had Brad second guessing if he wanted to propose to a crazy person like me. But thankfully he hasn't gone running for the hills yet. November 9th, 2016 was the 9 month mark of Brad and I dating, so it was already a special day and he had the surprises starting early. I had an early morning work shift and was getting ready to leave at 5:45 am when I get a text from Brad saying that I should come open the front door. I did just that and there he was, holding a handmade chalkboard (that I've been dying to make for weeks now) and a my favorite picture of us in a gorgeous frame that he made. Fun fact for you, Brad is quite the craftsman and he's already made a coffee table and a headboard out of pallets, which look absolutely amazing. Anyways, needless to say I was completely shocked and thrilled that he had gone to all this time effort to surprise me and make these things for me. That's one of the reasons why I love Brad so much, he is constantly thinking of others and how to make them happy.

I didn't see Brad until later that afternoon around 4:30 because we were taking pictures with the phenomenal (I'm serious, you have to go check out her website) Alexis Foust. She had contacted me about a month ago, asking if Brad and I would model for her again at Castle Manor. Of course I said yes, because who doesn't love gorgeous pictures and the excuse to buy a cute dress?! Little did I know that Brad and Alexis had been planning this from the beginning and kept me in the dark the entire time. I mean, I was secretly hoping that Brad would propose at some point during the shoot, because it would be the perfect moment, but brad kept throwing me off and making sure that I didn't expect a thing. He asked if I wanted to go workout after the shoot and go to Tony's Grove on Saturday, so I had discarded the idea and didn't give it a second thought. I showed up to Castle Manor all ready to get some pictures taken, not knowing that the best night of my life was about to unfold before me.

I arrived at Castle Manor and Alexis and her assistant were waiting for us. Brad wasn't there because he was still at work, but his work was right across the street so he would get there quick. Alexis told me that the inside was locked and she was worried that the owner wouldn't arrive in time. That had me second guessing the whole proposal thing again, so I just pushed it out of my mind and we waited around a little longer until Brad arrived and off we went. We wandered all over the grounds to take pictures, from wrought iron gates to an adorable little bridge behind the building. I love taking pictures with Brad because he's just so fun and I can never keep a serious face, I'm always laughing. The owner finally arrived after 30 minutes or so of us being there and turns out she had sliced her finger open and had to go to the ER! She let us in and we wandered around a little, admiring the lights on the beautiful staircase and all the open space. We went out the balcony to take a few pictures while a few people tried to move tables around so we could get a good shot by the stairs later on. By the time we came back, the natural light was gone and it was too late to get any good shots. By then, I had abandoned all thoughts of a proposal and was just hoping that we could get cafe rio for dinner. The heart wants what the heart wants you guys haha. Alexis suggested we head to the balcony for a few more pictures then call it a night. We got up there and Brad pulled me into a big hug, turing me away from the photographers. I felt his arm move off my back and make a gesture, but I was still thinking of cafe rio and it didn't really connect with me at that moment. He pulled away but still holding me close and started to express his love to me. He said that he couldn't wait to spend eternity with me, but it's when he said, "do you want to start right now?" and got down on one knee that it all made sense! I was still in shock when I heard the words, "Will you marry me?" and then for the first time in my life, I was literally rendered speechless. I remember hearing Alexis and her assistant clicking away on their cameras but all I could do was look at Brad. Tears started to well in my eyes and I finally got the word "Yes!" out and he slipped the most gorgeous ring that I've ever seen in my whole life onto my finger. We had picked out the ring a few weeks previous, but he surprised me with two gorgeous diamond bands on either side and it only added to the beauty. At just like that, we were engaged and I couldn't stop smiling!!

We stayed up on the balcony a little while longer , snapping a few more pictures of us and the ring, basking in the moment. I kept babbling like an idiot, trying to understand what had just happened and kissing brad over and over. We went back downstairs and Brad ran to his car, returning with a gorgeous bouquet of peonies (my favorite flower) and I thought my face was going to split from the massive smile on my face. I didn't think it was possible to love anyone more than I love Brad, but then he called me his fiance and I'm pretty sure my heart was going to burst out of my chest. He said we had to get going because of the dinner reservations that were waiting for us and we jumped in the the car. Something I wasn't expecting though was the stop by the Logan Temple on our way over, but I thought it would be a super cute moment to have for ourselves. We walked around the side and talked about the temple a little bit when suddenly he did the whole pull me into a hug and gesture with his arm again. My first thought was, "What else could there be???" and I turned around to see some of my closest friends, some of whom had traveled hours to be there, rushing towards me. I couldn't believe it!!! I had mentioned to Brad that I would love to have my friends there after we got engaged and he was so sneaky and set the whole thing up. I was so happy to see them and we made to sure to snap a few pictures and talk for a while before heading to Le Nonne, this amazing little Italian place with the best bruschetta that I've ever had. It truly was the best night of my life!

Brad truly made our proposal something out of a fairytale and it's a moment that I'll never forget. He is the most selfless, thoughtful, caring person I know and I can't believe I'm the lucky girl that get's to call him mine. I can't wait to marry my best friend and the guy of my dreams for time and all of eternity. March 4th, 2017 can't come quick enough!!



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