Our Valentine's Day First Date

I was that person who disliked Valentine's Day because I always ended up binge eating cookie dough and watching a chick flick by myself instead of being out with a cute date. That all changed though when I swiped right on a guy named Brad on tinder and we settled to have our first date on the day of love. That's not crazy right? It probably was, but I ended up marrying him so I guess it wasn't so crazy lol. 

I distinctly remember feeling a little weird that I was having a first date on Valentine's Day with a guy I had met on Tinder. People still raise their eyebrows when I tell them our first date story, but I just have to laugh because it's exactly who we are and it was perfect. Brad picked me up in his Ford diesel,  one he had fondly termed "filly", and we headed back to his house. The plan was to start the night by making our own version of gourmet waffles with both sweet and savory flavors. I started to cut up the strawberries for my sweet waffles and Brad was working on a homemade country gravy for his savory waffles.

*Quick funny story. Brad and I had been shopping together the day before to get all the supplies we needed and while we were walking around, we spotted some flowers. He asked if I could help pick some out so he could give them to his mom. I played it cool and went along with his whole act, totally thinking that he was picking out flowers for me. Flash-forward to the date and I'm trying to look around and find them without Brad noticing. There are no flowers to be found and I am trying to hide my disappointment. I absolutely love fresh flowers and I was pretty bummed that I wasn't going to get any on Valentine's Day! I causally asked how his mom liked the flowers and he said, "She loved them! Want to see a picture??" and proceeded to pull out his phone and show me a picture of his mom holding the bouquet that I helped pick out! I responded with a high pitched, "how cute!!!" and turned back around, my face as freaking red as the strawberries I was cutting. 

As I was trying to push past my embarrassment, Brad cautioned me to be careful and not cut my fingers with the knife I was using. I assured him that I would be extra careful and try not to get blood on his white chef coat from High School that he had whipped out of his closet and forced me to wear ha. I went back to cutting strawberries and I heard this "Ouch!".  I turned back around and Brad had blood running down his finger! He had caught his finger on the edge of a can lid and he quickly got a paper towel around it to stop the bleeding. I couldn't help but laugh as we finished up and sat down to eat the large amount of waffles we had made.

Sadly, I think I only made it through one or two waffles and had to call it quits. This was still a first date and I didn't want to have a food baby lol. Brad decided he needed to teach me how to country swing and he stuck on some country music and swung me around. It was cute and gave us an excuse to get all close and cosy. I turned around at one point though and I hear brad curse under his breath. I turned around confused and he had a look of fear on his face. I asked him what was wrong and he just groaned and pointed to my back. I twisted around and tugged at my WHITE sweatshirt to see that there was a smear of bright red blood spread across the back! Apparently Brad's finger had opened again and he had gotten blood on my sweatshirt while we were dancing. I awkwardly laughed and said it was fine..... but Brad wouldn't hear it and tossed me a sweatshirt of his while we threw mine in the washer.

This turned into a perfect opportunity for Brad to run and grab a gorgeous bouquet of purple flowers and surprised me with them when I walked out of the bathroom. What a sneaky little guy he was! He totally fooled me and later told me that he was messing with me when he asked me to help pick out the flowers for his mom. Such a punk. We settled down to cuddle and watch Lord of the Rings for the rest of the night. We even shared our first kiss and it was history after that! I still remember the giddiness and excitement that I felt after that night. It was a feeling that I hadn't had in a long time and it was just the beginning of our story. Now we have a cute little story and tradition that we get to recreate every year. Hooray for Valentine's Day!

I smeared batter on his face because he was being a punk ha


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