Forever An Aggie


My heart hurts a little bit as I write this post. The day that I never thought would come is finally here and I'm not sure how to be feeling right now. I'm graduating in 7 days with a bachelors in English Education and in 7 days, I'm going to be leaving the little safe bubble that college has become for me.  Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled that I never have to take another math class or English final again, but it's the feeling of college that I'm going to miss the most. The feeling of belonging, of unity, and endless possibilities that Utah State has given me these past 5 years. There is this amazing magic that comes along with being an Aggie that I can't begin to describe. It's a place where I finally discovered who I was and made me feel like I belonged for the first time in possibly ever. It's a place where I found my lifetime friends and met professors who actually believed in my ability to be a good English teacher. It's where I met my husband and  where we started our lives together. It's where I had some of the hardest moments of my life and basically cried myself to sleep every night for weeks. I had the lowest of lows, but I also had highest of highs and those outweigh the bad by a landslide. There will always be a special spot in my heart for the place where the sage brush grows and I will forever be a "True Aggie".

I remember the exact moment when I decided to come to Utah State. It was my senior year in high school and we were at our state dance competition in park city. I was refreshing my BYU app over and over, waiting for my acceptance letter to come through. I had been doing this for hours and almost missed it when the page finally popped up. My heart jumped to my throat as I scanned through  the page and then it dropped to my stomach when I read the phrase, "we regret to inform you.....". I was absolutely crushed. I felt like my whole life was over and that I was the biggest failure. It seemed  like I was the only person who wasn't accepted and sucked...... a lot. But life goes on and I made the decision to come up to Utah State, a school that I never knew existed until a few months prior when I was on an orchestra trip. Fast forward 6 months and I was moving two hours away to a city I knew nothing about. I wish I could tell that naive, wide eyed, severely introverted, barely 18 year old that it was going all going to work out and that coming to USU was the best decision she ever made. I love Utah State with all my heart and will force that love upon my children so they all grow up to be die hard Aggie fans and we can all be a big USU alumni family. Except for Brad. Boo WSU lol.  Maybe one day I'll go back for my Masters so I can be an Aggie once again and relive that magic. Until then, stay classy Utah State. I'll miss you lots.


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