Brace yourself, It's Finals Time

The dreaded time has come once again. Finals. At this point of the torture stage, we are in dead week and the symptoms are  beginning to show. My roommates and I called last week dying week because we were already up to our eye balls in work and begging for the pain to end. Psh. That was nothing compared to what we are going to go through in the next two weeks. Now we had officially died and are in our slow descent into what us college students call "Hell Week". I literally go into convulsions when recalling last semesters finals and this one is going to be even worse. Not to mention the stress of moving out, registration, attempting to find housing for next year, trying to find a job for the summer and all those lovely items. Ick. I fear that our mental stability may waver and shatter all together and then all hope is lost after that.  Things have already started to slip ( I pull off the homeless look pretty well) and soon nothing else will seem to matter. Eating? Sleeping? Personal Hygiene? Time consumers. There aren't enough hours in the day! I remember how weird things got last semester and hopefully we all walk out with our lives (sanity is optional). So brace yourself, because it's finals time. If I don't post in the next two weeks, send out a search party. My body is probably buried under a large number of textbooks in the library. Ugh.  


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