Heaven Help Us All.....It's Finals Week

College has been one of the best experiences I have had in the 18 years of my being on this earth. I've created so many new friends and have stepped quite far out of my comfort zone. But one thing that I have developed a strong loathing towards is finals. To describe a college final, take an AP test, put it on crack, and give it to a desperate college student. This is the story of how a little freshmen and her other five roommates fared on their first semester finals up at Utah State University. Brace yourself.

Look at us. So ignorant and blissfully unaware of what terror
is about to be upon us. This is our  "before shot" of finals week. 
Being the little OCD freak that I am, the previous week (otherwise known as Dead Week) I created a master plan that would lead to me victory in conquering my finals and keep me from going insane. It was pretty dang awesome, if I say so myself. I had planned out every minute of every day, making sure that I accomplished everything that I needed to. I was going to be organized, focused and totally prepared by the time my first final rolled around. (Sigh). Many times over this semester I have been reminded of how I am such a freshmen. This is one of them.

Monday came around and the week I had been dreading for weeks had begun. You know when you say you are going to get up early and get a head start on the day? That was me sunday night (and most Saturdays to be honest) and did that happen? Of course not. I'm a college student for pete's sake. The rest of the day went like this. Go to Meteorology SI, go to Math SI, to go Library and study for 8 hours, have a mental break down, go study some more. This was repeated for three days straight, the whole time my brain was crying for mercy. My mental state was not always so stable during this tolling week. Many a time, me and my roommates would be having a conversation and someone would say something that is a usual situation would be slightly humorous, but would suddenly be hysterical and we would have tears streaming down our faces. It was quite pathetic actually, because our tears of laughter would become tears of terror and we would sob out of sheer panic of what awaited us.

Weird things happen when you are running on  almost no sleep
and a ton of Dr. Pepper. This is our nativity re-enactment and the baby
jesus is a Dr. Thunder bottle. Like I said, things got weird. 
One little incident that wasn't planned was our heater exploding. It was late Tuesday night and our friends Clarie and Carly from across the way were visiting. Our apartment had been usually cold for the past few days and we discovered that our heat had been turned off. Thankfully Carly had had a problem similar to ours and knew how to turn the heat back on. So she was turning all of the heaters on and was to the last one, which was the main heater in our hallway. We were all in the hallway chatting and watching her when suddenly a weird clanking. We looked at each other and started to question why it had made that unusual sound and suddenly hot, boiling water started pouring out! We all looked at each other then started screaming. We had no clue how to turn it off and did I mention it was hot?! Our quickly soaked carpet was steaming and we were all freaking out. The water had spread the width of the hall and was about 6 ft long. Our RA Macy had heard our screaming from the 1st floor and came up the stairs, and boy she was not happy. She wasn't happy because we had broke the 24 hour quiet rule, which is there has to be total silence all of finals week so people can study. There was a $75 fee and we had broke that rule big time. She said she would need our A numbers and we all started to panic. Here we have water pouring into our apartment and we were about to be charged $75. But that was soon dismissed when she saw the predicament. Carly, being the brave soul she is, had her hand wrapped in a towel and was sticking it up the heater in order to turn it off. All the time, water is continuing to pour onto our floor. Keep in mind that this is no plain water. It had a purple tint and had an oily feel to it. We had all towels known to man kind on that floor, trying in vain to soak it all up. Carly finally got it to stop, but we still had a massive puddle in our hallway. Macy called maintenance and they came to access the damage. Thankfully no serious damage was done and they provided a fan that would dry our carpet ( which would still be wet for 2 days, despite the fan running all the time). They also came the next morning to take a closer look and they discovered that a very crucial part of the heater was missing.  In all the other heaters, there is a coil that runs from one end to the other and hot water is pumped through the coil and that's what produced the heat. In this particular heater, the coil was non existent and it was caused the water to shoot out. They should be putting a new one over the break so hopefully we don't have that happen again. Not something that we ever expected to have happen during finals week, but it's a memory that I don't any of us will forget.

This is the mess that we created on our table while studying.
Every textbook imaginable was put on that itty bitty table, I'm surprised that it
didn't break.
The cursed day finally came and I was a nervous wreck. I had three finals on thursday ( that's right, three!!!) and one of friday. My thursday schedule started at 7:30 am and went till 1:30pm. Three finals right after each other and they were all comprehensive. So I was up and walking out the door by 7:00 and walked to class in two degree weather ( Welcome to Logan ). The day went by in a blur and by the time I got home, I couldn't form sentences because my brain was so fried. I also had been cramming junk food into my mouth to try to give me a sugar rush so I wouldn't pass out in the middle of my tests. As soon as I got into my apartment, I dropped all of my stuff and dragged myself into bed and slept for three hours. I still don't remember that day very well and don't think I want to remember it. My last final was on Friday morning and it Creative Arts. Did I study for this? Barely. That class was incredibly easy, it was twenty questions, and he practically gave us the answers, so I'm not really sweating over that one.

There it is! I survived my first semester of college! Granted I think I may have a few gray hairs from finals, but over all I loved every minute of it. College is the bomb diggity and so are my roommates, who are the reason of why college rocks. I can't wait to see how second semester goes and see what new adventures we have! Now excuse me while I go and burn all my notes with pleasure.


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