Order In Chaos

Oh look, Kalli changed the layout to her blog again. Shocker. For those who actually read my blog, I'm sure you're rolling your eyes. I apologize, but I promise there is a method to my madness.

I have a feeling like things are about to get straight up, shiz crazy with school and work and all those lovely elements of adult hood. I'm trying to minimize the casualties of brain cells and try to create some order in my chaotic life. I have found that simplest is best and less stress on the brain. Not to mention my last design was getting on my nerves. So I'll probably keep it like this for a couple of weeks until I find myself sitting on my couch procrastinating my homework and feeling "creative" or whatever you call this.

Again, I apologize, but this blog is one of the few things that I have complete control over at this point in my life. Sad isn't it? Blah.


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