Till We Meet Again

It's over. Finals week was like being pulled behind a speeding truck. But I survived and summer has arrived. Sadly this means moving away from Logan and the people that presided there. These people happened to be my roommates and my very best friends. 8 months and 1 week ago I moved up to Logan, Utah with no clue who or what I was going to run into.  Little did I know that these 5 other girls  in Rich Hall #404 would be answers to my prayers and my very best friends. I don't believe in coincidences and I know that I was put with these girls for a reason. Freshmen year was an incredible adventure because of them. The memories that I created with these girls are endless and will last a lifetime. Like the one time we went bridge jumping or when we dyed our hair in our bathtub at 4 in the morning. We sure crammed as much as we could into those 250 days. I don't regret one second.

In an attempt to capture some of our best moments, we tried to cram some of our physical memento's into a tin can and dubbed it our "Time Capsule". Each of us created a marriage line up and we were are going to be in the summer of 2016. Add a ceremonious dance around to Panic at the Disco and it was official. It was funny to hear all of our predictions but sad to see everything coming to an end.

Finals wasn't as crazy as last semester, but it still had its moments. I dropped ice cream in my roommates hair and might have broken my toe. Add hysterical laughing fits, weird sounds and late night dance parties and there we have it. By the end, we were all a bit frazzled from cramming, packing and trying not to go insane.

Goodbye's are never easy and no matter how hard I tried to resist it, I couldn't help it. Once I saw my empty and vacant room, it all came pouring out. Hugs were exchanged and before I knew it, I was walking down those blasted stairs for the last time and out of Rich Hall for ever.

Who knew that 11 random girls from all over would become to be the best of friends. Through the up and down, the laughs and tears, these girls were by my side every step of the way. I have a lot of growing to do, but these girls helped me realize how far I have come. These are the friendships that will last a lifetime. This is not goodbye, but only the beginning. We are taking different paths, but we all started on the same one.

So Amanda, Nicole, Megan Meyer, Carly, Megan Frodsham, Kenzie, Rachel, Claire, Kira,Carly, Lindsie, God be with you till we meet again and fourth floor for life!


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