Summer To The Fullest

We are especially blessed with amazing backgrounds and settings in lovely Utah and it was a day for exploring and experiencing. Rachel ( a dear friend from college) and I decided to strap up our hiking boots and head for the nearest trail. We found a pleasant, flat trail and began trekking along when suddenly we came to a small stream and a steep incline, with a cave waaaaaaaay above it. So naturally we decide to crawl our way up and go spelunking of sorts. So being the little spider monkey Rachel is, she rapidly begins to make her way up the side of the mountain. Meanwhile I'm grabbing on to every bush and rock in sight and dragging my self behind her. It was fun though and brought back memories of scaling rocks in Zion National Park during spring break. Finally we made it and took "Cave Selfies" and other landscapes shots. It was the coming down that was the hard part. Not wanting to go down said rocks we decided to cut a different path and ended up tumbling through plants and bushes. The whole time I was praying that none of it was poison ivy. After stumbling and cursing our way through abundant foliage we finally made it to the end stretch. We came down in intervals, not wanting to sweep the other away in a "Rock-alanche". We arrived at the bottom alive and still in one piece.  I wore shorts, thinking that it was going to be a relaxing jaunt and didn't want to be overheated. But alas things took a different turn and now my right leg and arm are covered in scrapes and scratches. But hey, I look at them as battle scars and medals of our valiant adventure. It's not summer unless you get a couple of scars out of it.


I was adventured out for the day and thought that I was done, but leave it up to my brother Kevin to surprise me. I was already down in Orem because I was staying the night with my sister, Melissa. He gives me a call and asks if I wanted to go long boarding down Provo Canyon. This had me slightly apprehensive because I had only ridden a long board for the first time about a week ago and that was around a small parking lot. But I was willing to try and off we went. It was rocky at first and I was silently screaming in my head as we sped up, but after a while, I began to relax and enjoy myself. Now, that doesn't mean that it was smooth sailing from there. I still stumbled and had the problem of learning how to stop without tumbling head over heels. Plus there was the provo river right next to the trail and the I may have almost run the board into the river a couple of times....... but I didn't and managed to stop it in time.  It was scary but lots of fun and I would gladly do it again. Plus anytime to flaunt my USU game day shirt in BYU territory must be taken advantage of ;)

Every time there was a bump in the road, kevin would call out in his "inspector Crusoe " voice and I would echo it back.

It was a beautiful day and I was glad to be able to spend it out side. The temperature was perfect and I had a blast relaxing and doing anything non-school related. So hopefully I'm able to have more adventures like these and get the chance to live summer to the fullest.


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