Down In New Orleans......Sorta

Up at Utah State there are two main events that a must have experience. The Howl and Mardi Gras. Well I didn't go to the Howl so I was determined to go Mardi Gras. And like always us girls on the 4th floor always go full out. We were in Cottonwood Heights at Carly's house for the weekend, so we decided to make a late night Walmart run and get the supplies necessary for tutu's. 5 1/2 hours later ( at 4 am ) they were finished and fabulous. We pulled out all the stops and dressed up to the fullest, Complete with curly hair, false eyelashes, and purple eyeliner.
Don't we look fabulous?!

We all piled into a car and headed over to the TSC. It was transformed with streamers, and lights, the whole 9 yards. We were immediately adorned with purple, yellow, and green beads ( Don't worry, we didn't do anything to earn them) and headed off to take our picture. The main floor was the main source of activity and they had everything. Gambling in the ballroom, the oxygen bar and airbrush tattoos in the international lounge, live reptiles by the entrance and a full on dance party in the field house. We wanted to try the oxygen bar first. Let me tell you now. Not worth it. We waited in line for an hour and when we got up there, the machines decided to go haywire. They have you use these breathing tubes similar to the ones at the hospital, and then you select you choice of scented air. They call it a "natural high" but all I was getting was the plastic smell coming off of the tubes shoved up my nose. 
Carly, Kenzie and I pretending we're getting air.

We decided to ditch that and headed over to the dance. Like always we went hard and jammed out. The DJ wasn't my favorite, but I'm not one to turn down a dance party. There were people packed into every little nook and cranny and the energy was insane.
Megan and I  looking particularly fine.
But the most scary part of the whole night was when we went to the reptile exhibit. They had birds, lizards and MASSIVE SNAKES. I am terrified, I mean TERRIFIED of snakes and was freaking out the entire time. The handlers would bring some out and walk around with them, meanwhile snakes are curling around their legs and arms. Their names consisted of "Mr. Snuggles", "Bloody Mary" and other adorable names like that. That's like naming a Pit Bull " Fluffy". Soon enough we were at the front of the line and it was our turn to take a picture with a massive yellow snake. 
awwww heck no
I went to the middle, not wanting to be at either end of that oversized reptile. Meanwhile it was hissing and I'm pretty sure it was sizing me up and getting ready to eat me. They quickly took a few shots and the snake was handed off. The volunteer offered me some hand sanitizer and I just about doused my whole body in it. Never again.

So that was Mardi Gras. To be totally honest, it wasn't my favorite. Dressing up and getting ready was more fun but hey, now I can say I have experienced Mardi Gras. It was no where near the real Mardi Gras and I am forever grateful for that. But as long as I'm with my friends, we can make anything fun!


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