2018 Winter Olympics Here We Come!

Remember my horrible snowboarding experience back in December? Well some how I ended back on the mountain to give skiing a turn. I had gone once before but that was almost 3 years ago and I was slightly nervous to say the least. It was our stake skiing night and we headed up to Beaver Ski Resort to brave the slopes.

We got there and hurried to grab our gear. The guys in the rental shop must of seen the "freshmen" tattooed on our foreheads because they teased us pretty badly and kept joking that we wouldn't make it the whole time. We were determined to prove them wrong and to the bunny hill we went. It was Amanda, Carly, Megan and I and we had all gone before, but it had been years. It's liking riding a bike, once you get on, you remember it all............ turns out that's not the case for everyone. Megan and I went down just fine and were eager to get to the lift. Carly took a little more time and Amanda could of walked down the hill faster than the rate she was going. But finally we all got the courage and scooted over to the lift.

The guys running the lift kept the nerves away by  joking around and teasing us while helping us on the lift. We finally got to the top and started our way down! I was doing pretty well until I hit a bumpy spot and went flying. I ended doing a little spin and crashing to the ground, losing a ski in the process. No damage was done ( except to my pride) and I proceeded to put my ski back on. Megan Frodsham came over and asked if I was okay. I replied that I was fine and we started to laugh when suddenly Carly comes speeding past screeching and screaming bloody murder. Megan said " CRAP!" and sped off after to her the whole time yelling "pizza! Carly! pizza!" Carly then hit a steep part on the hill and proceeded to bite the dust and slide about 10 feet.

Many more falls followed this but we did not let it slow us down. After a couple of runs we decided to try a steeper hill. I was doing just fine until I veered to the side and almost ran into the trees. I may have looked collective on the outside but I was screaming "AHHHHHHH" in my head the entire time.

One funny story was Carly, Nicole and I were going to go up together and we were standing in place, preparing for the lift to come behind us. I was standing next to Carly and what I didn't know was that Nicole was right behind me and when she sat down, I ended up sitting on her. Carly had no room on the end and got pushed off. Keep in mind that the lift is still moving. We all starting to yell and freak, our skis and poles tangling together, and meanwhile the two guys are rushing around trying to get things in control. One came and pulled me over while the other was holding Carly and trying to push her onto the lift. They rushed to turn off the lift and alarms are blaring and we are still freaking out. Meanwhile Megan and the rest of the people behind  us are rolling on the ground laughing. Thankfully we all ended up on the lift and busted up the whole way up.

Things went much better after that and we all had a few more good runs before we had to head home. One recommendation when skiing. When you fall, fall with dignity and have some friends to fall with you and laugh it off. This will most definitely become a regular thing and soon we will be professionals.  2018 Winter Olympics here we come!


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