Let's Switch Things Up

How did Society get so turned around?
Since when has skinny and pretty over ruled confident and strong?
Why are we settling for the copy and paste personality when there a whole spectrum un-explored?
Lately that's become more important.
Focusing on what's on the outside rather than the inside.
Who says that in order to be noticed or worth something, you have to be able to see your ribs?
Heaven knows I am no where near that.
I'm curvy and I'm okay with that.
I will beat you in a hot dog eating contest any day.
I don't starve myself to fit into zero size jeans.
 But I know that I am one of a kind and can't be replaced.

But some aren't okay with that. 

{They want to squeeze me into a mold that I simply can't fit into}

I may not be the epitome of "Gorgeous" (whatever that means) but that's not what true beauty is. 
Beauty is the inner light that only few can see.
Those who truly understand and can see deeper than the thin yet murky surface.
Those rare individuals who take the time to discover the true me and not just what I appear to be. Believe me, they are two different sides.
 To understand my weird, quirky ways and things that make me tick.
Those who walk in my shoes and understand why I am the way I am.
They are those who matter in the end. 
So let's not be so quick to jump to conclusions. 
Slow down and notice the little yet monumental details. 
Let's Switch Things Up.
It may just change the way things are seen. 


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