6,354 miles away

It's been one of those days. More like one of those weeks. Life hasn't been all peaches and cream lately  and there are few things that can make me feel better. One of those few things are hearing from my very best friend Elder Tyler Ivie who is currently serving a LDS mission in Montevideo, Uruguay. Every monday I am constantly checking my email hoping that it will be there. Because no matter what kind of rut I'm in, he can always put a smile on my face.

He left in September of 2013 and it's been 118 days ( 3 months and 25 days to be exact. Not that I'm counting or anything). It's been hard and I miss him like crazy but I know he is where he should be. We've know each other since we were little tykes and have done everything together.  Heck we even got into a car crash together. High school would of been the pits if he wouldn't have been there. 
So lets hope this next year and a half goes by quickly. And lets hope that he doesn't read this post, because that would be kinda embarrassing. 


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