Diamonds are a girls best friend!

It a had been a long hard week of cramming my poor brain for finals and finally it was all over and it was time to party! It was ladies night at the S.E. Needham's Jewelers and you can bet that we were going to be there. All of my roommates went and then some of our good friends from across the hall were joining us as well. We walked into the store and just drank it all in. They had christmas decorations everywhere and all the employees were dressed up in dresses and tuxes. They had a quartet playing in the back and photographers were snapping pictures of everyone around the store. I felt like a kid in a candy store, there were soooooooo many rings. We didn't waste anytime sitting down at a case and spent the next two hours wandering the store, trying on massive diamonds, and fantasizing about the day when we would get to choose our own rings. These are just a few of my favorite rings that I tried on, ( believe me there were many, MANY more). The whole time we all kept saying that our poor future husbands don't know what they are getting themselves into.

Later on in the night they did a drawing for a ring that was worth $1500 dollars! They had put the ring in a wedding cake and 6 lucky girls got the chance to tear that cake apart and look for the ring. Two of our friends, Nicole and Rachel were drawn and we were all hoping that one of them would win the ring. So the girls gathered around the cake, the announcer gave the signal and cake went flying. It was hilarious to watch them tear this cake apart and sift through all the frosting and cake to try and find this ring. It took them about 5 minutes for someone to find it and  sadly it wasn't one of our friends, but we all got a good laugh out of it.

It was such a great night and I posted a one of these pictures on facebook ( you can imagine that reactions I got). I think its safe to say that we will return back to S.E. Needhams mulitple times over the next few years. Husband or no Husband, I will never turn down the opportunity to try on these ring again!
This ring was my absolute favorite!
It was still around $2500 dollars but
hey! a girl can dream right?
This ring was just so massive that I
had to try it on and take a picture.
This ring came in a close second for my favorite
because it was so intricate and pretty!
Not to mention large.

This ring was over $6,000 dollars. That is about a
year and a half worth of tuition and housing for me!


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