College is the new yolo!

Something that I have learned up at good ol' Utah State is that I never know how our weekends are going to turn out. For example, thursday afternoon I had just returned from my final class of the day and me and my other roommates had run into our good friend Stacy from across the hall. We started chatting and invited her into our apartment. A good hour and a half we were sitting on the couch watching Miss Congeniality and munching on chocolate chips. Here is where I discovered how much I love Stacy. She is my spirit animal, we are that much alike. We already decided that we are going to be roommates for next year. Anyways fast forwards a couple of hours and we ended up with a apartment full of girls from surrounding apartments and we were all over the place. We were making drinks called Dirty Dr. Peppers and let me tell ya, they are magical. HOW TO MAKE A DIRTY DR. PEPPER
1. Take a glass and fill it with ice cubes.
2. Take a lime slice and sprinkle it with salt, the squeeze the lime juice onto the ice. 
3. Take coconut extract and add as much as you desire.
4. Pour on the Dr. Pepper.
5. Add a lime slice and a straw and you are set to go!
A little bit of information you should know about me is that I don't really drink caffeine. I've never been a huge soda person and this was one a the few times that I had caffeine, and these drinks were so good that I couldn't help but have a few. Lets just say I will not be making these apart of my daily diet, because I went a little crazy. Like shaking from all the caffeine and having an insane dance party crazy. This sugar rush is what caused us to stay up till four in the morning and have this crazy idea to dye our hair. So we all crammed into megan frodsham's car ( eight girls into a 5 person car) and scooted over to walmart. Remember this is around midnight and the walmart is practically empty, except for a few crazy college girls high on caffeine. We got a couple of weird looks. I had been toying with the idea of doing something new with my hair so I decided to do a melt. It was Megan Frodsham, Nicole and I who were dying our hair. Megan decided to go auburn/ reddish, Nicole went a dark brown, and I did a reddish/ maroon melt. Our other roommate Megan Meyer has crazy insane hair skills and was helping us choose the color and would doing the dye job for us. Megan F. started out first and she has such long hair and so much of it that it took around a hour and a half to dye and wash her hair. And let me tell you, is it red. Her hair originally is like a dirty blondish so this was a petty drastic change for her. She pulls it off very well and it makes her blue eye pop. But because her hair took so long ( at it was already 3:30 am) we decided to call it a night and we would finish it the next day. So after getting 3 and a half hours of sleep I went to class and just about died from lack of sleep. But I pulled through it and after class was over I came back and megan did my hair. I was really nervous at first because I  had never done anything like this and was worried that it wouldn't turn out. So how megan did it is that she got the tips dyed then worked her way up so it had the ombre effect. It took us around an hour and a half for her to dye it all, wash it out, then dry it. I am so glad I did it because it looks so freaking good.
The ends are this deep maroon and lightens as you move it. I was slightly worried about what my mom would say. My sisters said it looked really good, but I didn't think my mom would really like it. So I sent her this picture and do you know what she said? Nice curls. I didn't know if she had noticed the color and she told me it was very adventurous. So I'm taking that as a good thing and rolling with it. We all started to get ready because Nicole, Lindise, Megan F. and I were going to the Imagine Dragons concert at Weber State!! We bought these tickets back in august and it was finally here!! We all piled in to Nicole's car and we were on our way! The concert was at 7 and when we finally got there it was almost 8, but it was only the pre-show so we got there just in time to hear Imagine Dragons. Lindsie and I were waiting for Megan and Nicole who had run back to the car when a guy comes up to us and asked us if we wanted an extra ticket. We answered no and he was walking away when I remembered my sister Kristi who is a student at WSU and literally lives across the street from the arena. She wasn't able to get a ticket and was dying to go, so I called her up quick and she ran over. She was beyond excited and tackled  me when she found me. We quickly found in our seats and just started freaking out, we were so excited. We were on the 28th row and that seems pretty far away but its a relatively small arena so it was pretty close. They did all of our favorite songs and were amazing (Like thats a big shocker). About half way through the show we noticed some empty seats along the edge that were about 6th row so we sneaked down and stole those seats.  It was so worth it because we were so close and when they played radio active, we just went insane. The whole time I was thinking of when I had gone to the Orem performance in May with all my high school friends. It was bittersweet, because I miss all of them like crazy and that performance is something I will never forget, but it was still amazing to be there with my roommates who have become my best friends. 
One of the things that I have loved most about college is that I never know whats going to happen next, These girls are constantly coming up with crazy ideas and it has definitely gotten me out of my comfort zone. But college is a time for change and I am really loving all these crazy changes. Until next time and our next crazy adventure (which will be very soon, no doubt).  Vaarwel!! (Dutch for goodbye).


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