There's no place like home

Fall break has finally arrived and a break was much needed. Thankfully my teachers felt that same way and all my thursday classes were canceled and I got to sleep in. Bit of random information for you, that morning I woke up to this weird vibrating sensation, But in my sleep induced haze I took no notice of it and quickly fell back asleep. A few hours later when I woke up I heard through my open window that the weird vibrating was actually an earthquake! A 3.6 on the richter-scale to be exact. My first earthquake and I was so out of it I had no clue that it was an actual earthquake! Needless to say, it was still pretty cool. Fast forward a few hours and Nicole, Lindsie, Kayla, and Brittany ( fellow girls from the building) and I had crammed all of our belongings into Nicole's trunk (I still don't know how we did it) and began our journey home. It's about a two hour drive home and we chatted and listened to good ol' Imagine Dragons the whole way. I was the first to be dropped off and after pulling my things from the trunk I hurried inside to say hello to my dad and go play with my dog.
 This is my little brittany spaniel dog Caz (short for Cazadora which is spanish for hunter). Well she's not really a puppy anymore, she's nine years old. She was my ninth birthday present and I couldn't of asked for a better dog. She may not be a puppy anymore but she still acts like one. She constantly has an insane amount of energy and it getting into places she shouldn't (hence the dirty paws) and always puts a smile on my face. I miss her every day and get so excited to see her every time I go home.It's such a weird feeling to be home. It feels so weird because I feel torn between Logan and Highland and which is my home. It feels like I never left when I'm at Highland yet when I'm in Logan it really feels at home. It's weird and I still have adjusted to it and it became even weirder today because I went back and visited my high school. I went back to see my PDC (performing dance company) girls and some of my best friends. They really are like sisters to me and I've missed dancing with them like crazy. I decided to walk  and cut through a park to get there and boy was I glad I did because it was just so darn pretty! The mountains are one of my favorite reasons of why I love living in Highland. They're right next to us and act almost like a security blanket. Don't get me wrong, Logan has pretty mountains too, but as soon as I see my mountains I know I'm home. Anyways I'm walking through the park and I couldn't help but take a few pictures, it was just that breathtaking. Fall is easily hands down my favorite season.

So I reach Lone Peak High School and walk in and I get the strangest feeling like I had never left. High school was fun and I loved being a Knight but I was glad to graduate and get out there. So I was trying to ignore the flashbacks as I was walking down the hall and just tried to get to the dance room. I walked in and was attacked by the girls with hugs and squeals, it was so good to see them all again and I was so excited to have the chance to dance with them. I led their warmup for rehearsal and that was rough. After not dancing for more than 5 months it took a toll on my flexibility. I still do yoga up at USU but I don't do my splits in yoga so it was slightly rough. I was still able to do them but it took about 20 min of good hard stretching to get them flat again. The time went too quickly and their class ended and they headed home. Tearful goodbyes were said but those tears were quickly dashed away when my best friend walked in the door.

See this drop dead gorgeous girl right here? Yes her name is Cierra Baker and she is a babe and my absolute best friend in the whole wide world. It's funny because she was in my ninth grade Aerobics class and we really didn't get along very well. But then we were on PDC together sophomore year and that all changed. I don't think I couldn't of gotten through high school without her. She is my rock and kept me going through all the early morning and late night rehearsals. So many memories were made and I couldn't of asked for a better friend. So after a big hug we jumped in her car and headed to Starbucks for our ritual of JalapeƱo Cheetos, chocolaty chocolate chip frappuccino (Coffee free of course) and a pumpkin scone. It sounds sorta gross, but it tastes like magic. We always go there whenever we need to some girl time or to catch up . So we spent a good hour or so catching each other up on all our recent adventures and recalling inside jokes and old memories. I spent a good amount of time trying to convince her to come up and be an Aggie with me at Utah State (cross your fingers). Sadly time went by too quickly and we had to say goodbye and promised to keep in touch and try and see each other soon. 

It's been a fabulous break so far and I'm enjoying it so far. Sadly I have to do homework tomorrow but hopefully I can do that fast and get it out of the way. I'm really liking this whole blog thing and may have become slightly addicted ( Megan and Nicole, I blame you). Expect a new post soon! Until till next time, Ciao!


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