Roommates that wear flannel together, stick together.

Time has certainly gotten away from me and I realized that October is only 3 days away. Where has 2014 gone? I swear it just started yesterday. But here we are and I've already been up at USU for over a month, and what a month it has been! I never know what  curveballs will be thrown my way and it's been quite the party already. I have my insane roommates to thank for that. Shaydra and Kenzie are quite the curveballs themselves and we have new adventures everyday.

Our latest adventure was a sunday drive up the canyon, headed towards Bear Lake. Fall has finally arrived and Logan is exploding in vibrant hue's of red, orange and yellows. We set this excursion date weeks ago and were eager to see the quickly changing landscape. We hopped in "Latoya" (Kenzie's Toyota) and cranked the country tunes (I'm still trying to adjust to country music) and headed up the canyon.

Fall is one of my favorite seasons and mixing the crisp air with the pine scent of the mountains is number one in my book. I put down the camera and just focused on absorbing all that I could, knowing that it wasn't going to last very long. Our original destination was Bear Lake, but we decided to make a last minute change and went to Tony's Grove instead. We hadn't even gone 5 minuets before we encountered a multitude of cows on the side of the narrow road. Kenzie and Shay pressured me to go chase said cows, but I wasn't going to take that risk of being rammed by 1000 lbs of beef. Kenzie's mooing scared them off and we continued on.

Upon arrival, it was already 48 degrees and we were in our attractive but not very insulated flannel shirts, curtsey of our local DI. But we didn't mind too much and we began our quick jaunt around the small lake. It truly was a gorgeous lake, crystal clear with mist sitting close to the surface, brightly reflecting the cloud covered mountains. The tree's were vibrant with color and the earth was damp with recently fallen rain. Did I mention I love fall? Oh well, just in case you didn't catch that, I'm quite obsessed.

Now the camera was brought out and so were our attempts to be artistic. But we laughed, took a couple of selfies, and had a good time anyways. Soon dark clouds rolled in out of no where , our excursion was cut short, and we sped walked back to the car. No cows were encountered on the way down and before we knew it, we were back to  our apartment.

It was the perfect way to spend our sunday and we always have fun together. I'm sure I'll be regretting this colder weather in a few weeks, but right now, I'm loving every second of it. I'm sure fall holds many more adventures and memories for us girls in D24.


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