13 to 19 in a blink of an eye

As my 19th birthday quickly approaches, a random and miscellaneous thought came to my mind. This is the last year that I will ever have to spend being a " troublesome" and " unruly" teenager. Thank goodness for that. The teenage years are like a never ending battle of awkwardness and years of indecision and firsts. Not to mention the horrible hair cuts. So horrible.

I spent some time reflecting on these strange years and how I dying and wishing for the day to come when I became a teenager at the blooming age of 13. So hopeful and ready to be growing up. Soooooo naive and unprepared for the roller coaster of the years ahead. Do you ever wish that you could go back to the past and slap your old side up the side of the head? I was so eager in growing up that I didn't take the time to enjoy where I was at. Plus naps, I should have taken way more naps. 13 did come with it's own stressful moments, but considering the responsibility load I had back then considered to now, life was a walk in the park. How I wish the only worries I had were what I was going to wear to school the next day.

But what fun is to be said about 19? Not much. 19 for me is another one of those limbo ages. I'm not 18, but not 20 or 21 either. If I was going on a mission, things would be much different, so I'm just chilling and continuing on with my college education. And of course that comes with tuition, rent, food ( gotta have that) and all those lovely fees that come with college. Not to mention the never ending job hunt to be able to pay for such fees. Now I'm expected to be an adult and do mature-adult things. Granted I because a legal adult when I turned 18, but there was that buffer that comes with the age of 18. The " You just became an adult and there is a lot of shiz about to be thrown your way because everything counts now" buffer. You are in such an overwhelmed state of panic that everyone takes pity on you and helps you through this immense state of change. But now, I've had a year and that buffer has dissipated and I should have the hang of things by now. Key word is "should" in that sentence. I feel like we were jipped in high school. Let's be honest, I will not use the Pythagorean theorem everyday. Why weren't we taught about how to take out a loan, do taxes or start savings for retirement?   One term of "Financial Instruction" online is not sufficient enough for everything that I have to learn and handle. Sorry, I'm ranting, but either way, growing up isn't as glorious as we make it out to be.

But besides, all the grief and stress that can come with growing up, there is still a lot of fun that comes along with it. Like buying dinosaur oatmeal and your mom isn't there to say no. I'm a rebel, I know. To think that I have been on this earth for 19 years still freaks me out and I don't feel like I match my age. I still feel as young and absentminded as I did the day I turned 13. But I look forward to the new adventures and progression that comes with this new age. Cheers to 19, one more year of being a "troublesome" teen and living in the moment,


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