Spring Break: 2K14

Oh what an adventure we had. Unleash a couple of college freshmen upon the city of St. George and things are bound to be epic. When they say a picture is worth a thousand words it's totally true and I say amen to that! Memories come rushing back with each picture and it's a trip that I will never forget.  It would take hours to describe everything little thing, but I hope these pictures help a little. I was already down in St. george with my sister and her fiancee while she ran the Red Rock Relay. They left saturday and Megan Frodsham and her amazing family let me crash at their house for an entire week. I forgot what it was like to live with brothers, but Jeff and Michael quickly reminded me and teased me all week. I mean, technically I am a cousin right? (heheheheheh). As soon as I walked into the door, Michael looked at me and deemed my name Shanice. That was my name for the rest of the week and by the end, I was answering to it.
 We covered every inch of that city, from the historical side with all the vintage shops. We went  to Swig ( the best drink shack in the world)  multiple times and overlooked the city from Dixie Rock. We rollerbladed around the church parking lot ( and falling into lots of signs and bushes) and shopping to our hearts content. We died watching the Bachelor Finale ( stupid Juan Pablo) and ate every possible junk food item out there.  We went to Zion National Park and covered every inch of that sucker. The 8 mile observation point hike that had me wheezing at the first 20 min, and Angel's Landing that had me in pure awe. The switch backs and the Walter's wiggles had us groaning and puffing, but we were conquered that beast.  These hikes were intense and we all walked like grandma's for a couple of days,  but they totally worth it when we got to the top. The St. George temple was at the end of the week and  was a must experience. It is such a beautiful temple and looks great against the deep red rocks. We even treated ourselves to free french toast at Kneaders afterwards.
 It was cool to see where Megan grew up and see all the places that she had told us about. Although it was only 70 degrees, it felt like 100 for us . We soaked up every ray of sun and came back  a couple of shades of white darker.




There are a billion more pictures but these are some of my favorites. 

Of course the trip ended too quickly and we had to come back to dreary Logan. But it was a trip that is one of my favorites and one that I will never forget. Things are always a blast when you are surrounded by close friends. Although we will be parting soon and taking different paths, this is something that I will never forget. I love these girls and couldn't of ask for better friends!


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